Kundalini awakening and the first chakra – sexuality and fear

The awakening of Kundalini Shakti is as much an energetic, as it is a physical phenomenon. When the conditions necessary for awakening align – BOOM comes an explosion in your body! From that moment on you begin to see the world with different eyes. Everything’s the same, yet everything’s changed. All of a sudden your beliefs are confirmed and you have become aware of the existence of energetic bodies. You feel energy all around you and now you realize that there is a world beyond the five senses. Energetic sensations are spreading all over your body, you can feel the vibrations, the tingling, the itching crawling up and down, the shifting of heat and cold waves, your body is sweating and shuddering. Your head is pulsating, there’s a lump in your throat, you feel as if your hands are radiating energy, electric shocks are shaking you, your body starts dancing outside your control, there is a whistle in your ear, you are having visions, dreams are more vivid or they disappear altogether, your metabolism is changing, your habits and wishes are changing, everything is changing… There are innumerable, different symptoms following awakening, through which the body is adapting to the newborn energy, but I do not wish to talk about that in this text. This is a text about how to wake up.
Kundalini yoga is one of the best known ways to awaken kundalini energy. It uses certain asanas (yoga poses) combined with visualization and breathing (pranayama) practices, and also with speaking different mantras which help our body to vibrate in a way that allows adequate energy flow. Sadly, yoga, as it is taught in the western world, doesn’t concern itself with essential topics. We westerners are inclined to focus on the physical, meanwhile leaving out the spiritual elements. Such is the nature of the world in which we live in, we are raised in such a way, and our materialistic worldview is the logical consequence. However, yoga is much more than that. Yoga is a way of living, a way of thinking, yoga is an attitude towards life, that attitude being the thing that I wish to discuss further in this text.
To understand the connection of a physical and energetic phenomenon with someone’s attitude, you must first understand that in reality our consciousness is energy. Consciousness is not a physical phenomenon, it inhabits our body, and when the body stops serving it, consciousness leaves and proceeds further. Consciousness doesn’t die with the body, being independent of it. All our knowledge, experience, memories, thoughts, our problems, dilemmas, emotions, all our life’s knowledge and experiences are woven into our first energetic body – the etheric one.
The etheric body is an exact copy of the physical one. All the ailments of the physical body also plague the etheric body, which is made out of energy, out of consciousness. By healing the etheric body, the illness disappears from the physical one also, and vice versa. As most modern day illnesses are of psychosomatic origin, we can seek to heal them through our etheric body i.e. our consciousness. Each inner conflict leads to creating a knot in our energetic body, thus blocking the natural flow of energy. In time the knot becomes bigger, energy doesn’t flow through the blocked region and that manifests itself in the physical world. An illness appears as a warning sign that something isn’t right.
All the blocks in our energetic body are consequences of our way of thinking, our functioning, our attitude towards life, they are the consequence of our consciousness seeking to be recalibrated.
Each of us has one physical and six energetic bodies. Each body is directly connected to one of the seven main chakras. As it was said many times before, kundalini energy resides at the base of our pelvis, in our first chakra, Muladhara, the root chakra which corresponds to our physical body. For the kundalini energy to awaken, the chakra must be healthy and open.
The Muladhara chakra governs our primal instincts, the sexual urge and the instinct for self-preservation, and it is blocked by fear.
The first chakra represents the root through which we are connected with the energy of this wonderful planet on which we were born, and it governs all the things that are essential for our survival on Earth. The health of your root chakra will depend on your personal attitude towards the subjects which correspond with it’s nature. Health is in balance. An overly open, as well as an overly closed chakra (i.e. extreme attitudes and dispositions concerning the subjects associated with the nature of the first chakra) will both harm the organism.

In today’s world sexuality has escalated in all segments of society into an omnipresent phenomenon after centuries of suppression, even though society is mostly comprised of people who grew up in a time through which everything that had anything to do with sex was taboo, and thus kept in secret. Many among these people and their offspring didn’t develop a healthy attitude towards sex. On the one hand, in people whose first chakra is overly open, we can observe complete promiscuity, a tendency to indulge every wish and the use of sex as a tool for achieving different goals in life. On the other side of the spectrum lie the puritans who suppress that which yearns to be expressed in accordance with man’s very nature, who consider sex a sinful act, judging everyone, including themselves, thus blocking their first chakra. When it comes to animals, sex is an instinct, while in humans it is a drive. A human being has consciousness which governs and which is able to resist the sex drive. People from the first group should learn not to let a drive govern them, while the people from the second group can learn that sex is exactly that – a drive which yearns to be fulfilled. The need for sex is a natural need in every sexually mature individual and there is nothing inherently wrong with it.
Most people don’t belong to the aforementioned extremes, but it still seems that they do not nurture a healthy attitude towards their own sexuality. What is wrong in today’s society is that it completely neglects the spiritual aspects of sex. When we physically unite with someone, we merge all our energetic bodies with that person. Merging with energy incompatible with our own may be very harmful, thus making insignificant the pleasure derived from the onetime sexual encounter. We can always feel energy we are compatible with. It comes from people we can imagine ourselves with in the future, those people whose presence makes us feel good, feels pleasing to us, people who vibrate on frequencies that are similar to ours. When two close frequencies meet, sex brings much more than just physical sensations. It enables a coalescence of different levels of energy, more than on a mere physical level, bringing pleasure on a completely other plane, which is exactly the reason why a joining of two persons vibrating on the same frequency (called twin flames in the new age of spiritual awakening) can bring about an awakening of kundalini energy.
Using sex as a means to an end we completely degrade it. At this point I am not just talking about various behaviors in today’s society (using sex as a means to get employment, gain a certain position in society etc.); I am talking about subordinating sexuality to societal demands in any way i.e. using it to leave a certain impression, to achieve certain “standards”, to manipulate other into liking us… Every time you are doing anything in relation to sexuality, that you don’t want or don’t feel good about, you are blocking your energy on the level of the first chakra. Studies show that about seventy percent of women feign orgasms. Every feigned orgasm creates a new energy block, each feigned one demands a suppression of the real orgasm while it screams inside to somehow get to the surface. Every feigned orgasm is a new lie we tell to our partner, a new knot in the energy flow. On the other hand, men often objectify women, seeing them as numbers, while not realizing that each superficial sexual encounter leaves them bereft of energy, permanently unsatisfied and oblivious of the reasons for that unpleasant state. Sex is a union of two souls and bodies. We should always be aware of that. When we introduce the awareness of energetic bodies into our lives and start thinking more often about the exchange of energy, our attitude towards sex is bound to change. Sexuality should be expressed in the most natural way possible, like art, so it can bring us satisfaction on multiple levels. In actuality, kundalini energy is the inside of sexual energy, and being that all our energy blocks originate directly from the things we suppressed, our unresolved problems and inner conflicts concerning our own sexuality are the greatest obstacles on the road towards a more balanced functioning of the first chakra. Accept yourself and your sexuality, carefully chose the people with whom you have sexual relations and forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made until now. Because you are human and to err is human. Forgive yourself and let go of self-resentment, accept and allow yourself to express yourself in a way that is the most natural in your case. Sin does not exist, only mistakes, and mistakes are there to teach you something. Once you learn your lesson you will not repeat the same mistake, a block in the flow of energy will be dissolved, some karma will be cleansed…

Besides the imbalanced attitude towards sexuality, the root chakra is blocked by the fears we carry through life. Fears are innumerable and most of humanity is enslaved by some of them. Sadly, in this modern society we have built, even though nature is plentiful and there is enough of everything for everyone, a great number of people live in poverty and many fears are justified. How do we then overcome fear? Let us now again consider the issues of energy and consciousness. You have all heard about the Law of attraction – whatever we are focusing our energy on begins to grow. Through fearing something and carrying that fear through life we are actually investing energy in the very scenario that makes us fearful, thus increasing the probability of its unfolding. Your thoughts are shaping your reality. Learn to direct them. Start thinking in terms of energy and energetic bodies. Start thinking about your everlasting consciousness woven into your etheric body. Realize that everything is a part of a great plan, that we are all parts of a single, higher consciousness and that we are all here studying a lesson called life. Become aware that there is a higher consciousness, a higher plan and surrender yourself to it. Have faith in consciousness, have faith in god, have faith in your own path. Just think – by fearing the outcome you cannot change it. The truth is that the very thing you fear may come to pass, but… deal with that moment when it comes and not right now. Do not try to escape the possibility that your fears may become reality, which they may. Accept it and let it go. If it will happen in some future why think about it now? That won’t change the future, but it will lover your vibration in the present moment. Let go of your fears by learning to be present here and now. When you gain that knowledge, your life will start changing drastically. Our mind to which we slave, the very thing that brings fears from the past or potential futures into the present moment, is simply a set of adopted thinking patterns. As you begin to change those thinking patterns, so to will your level of consciousness change, blockades will be removed and you will star evolving spiritually.

As our first chakra corresponds to our physical body, the way we treat our body affects the health of that chakra. When you become aware that everything is energy and that your physical body is just a condensed form of energy in movement, you will start to see it as a temple. Your physical body is the carrier of your soul, it’s instrument which the soul uses to manifest itself on this physical plane of existence, and as such it vibrates on a certain frequency. When you are raising the frequency of your body, in truth you are cleansing your energetic channels and the flow of energy increases, raising your vibration. Your physical body consists of cells that are constantly renewing themselves. The old cells die and the new ones are built from the food that you eat, the water that you drink and the air that you breathe. If you consume low vibration foods your cells are built on inadequate foundations, while high frequency foods raise your personal vibration. All processed foods, as well as food substitutes, sugar, fat, artificial additives, food preservatives, sweeteners, animal products made on industrial farms where they treat animals inhumanely and many other types of food are in reality low vibration foods. High vibration foods are fresh and raw foods, fruits and vegetables, cereals, everything that mother Earth grants us is to our advantage. All the foods that are products of our advanced civilization are to our detriment. That is the easiest way to differentiate low vibration from high vibration foods. You don’t have to become a vegan so as to keep your body healthy, you don’t even have to become a vegetarian, but you must care not to base your diet on low vibration foods. Health can always be found in keeping the balance. A healthy, moderate diet, with enough water ingested during the day, accompanied by moderate physical activity and a healthy change of attitude towards life will make your body healthier, more pervious to energy, thus preparing it for the awakening of the kundalini energy. An awakened kundalini energy raises the vibration of your body instantly, so it is necessary that the body is prepared and adapted to the influence of higher vibrations. This is a part of your own process of transcendence.
Slow down and take the time to look into yourself. Meditate on the questions tormenting all of humanity over the eons – who am I, where do I come from, where am I headed to… think in terms of energy, think about consciousness, get into the essence of things, the very core of your being and step over the borders of conventional thinking, give your imagination free rein. Become aware that your consciousness hides both a subconscious and a superconscious, become aware of your true nature, find yourselves under the layers of ego and let yourself be presented in the best light, as a new, authentic person, coming through a magnificent metamorphosis that the awakened kundalini energy brings into your life.
Prepare your body and your mind for awakening. Surrender yourself to life and to a faith in the higher consciousness, and the gates of your temple will be opened, allowing the goddess Kundalini Shakti to enter. She will present you with a world you could have only imagined up until then….

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