Awakening of Kundalini Shakti – How to Live, How to Love, How to Die

Dormant, at the very bottom of your pelvis, lies a powerful, primary energy of the Earth. She was awake a long time ago, when conscious souls walked the Earth, but with the growth of the Ego she began to withdraw, deeper and deeper into the core of our very being, and she eventually fell into a deep slumber, waiting for the time of the awakening to come.
Described by a symbol of the snake, an animal strongly connected with the energy of the Earth, Kundalini Shakti is found in all ancient cultures, where it appeared in various forms: a connection with the creator of the universe, a connection with the higher soul, as a primary energy of the human being, God’s gift, Holly Spirit… Mystified for centuries, in modern times, the knowledge common in antiquity finally found scientific support. The theories associated with quantum physics and the experiments based on quantum mechanics confirm that literally everything is energy in different forms and densities, that consciousness is the primary creator of our world, they have confirmed that every bit of information is forever written in the very fabric of the universe, that all knowledge already exists, that the multiverse exists, that the soul is perpetual, they have confirmed the existence of God…
How can we, bred and raised on the postulates of the material world, accept those new insights and implement them, thus changing the fashion we perceive the world around us? Refocus your attention, that is the answer. Everything we pay attention to – grows, while the things we stop paying attention to – subside and disappear. Being constantly aware of the energy and the laws of the universe shall teach us to live in harmony with our own nature and undoubtedly lead us to the right path of being.
Kundalini Shakti – the primary and powerful energy of the Earth, asleep at bottom of your pelvis, is waiting for the moment in which you will completely surrender yourself to your life and destiny.
Kundalini can awaken in many ways. There are numerous testimonies of spontaneous awakenings in recent times – the awakening of Kundalini energy in people who didn’t have anything to do with any kind of spiritual practice. The awakening most often happens in people who are introverted, reclusive, deeply emotional, in people who naturally strive to delve deeper into things, who are more imaginative and posses a strong sense that there is a higher purpose in this life. That kind of people most often experience awakening in critical situations, during times of crisis, thus becoming more prepared for great turns in life, gaining support on their path. The spontaneous awakening of Kundalini energy can also be triggered by meeting your “twin flame” or “twin soul”, as a confirmation of the fulfilment of god’s plan and a gift for future spiritual development.
Practicing different techniques of Kundalini yoga, meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama) can lead to the awakening of Kundalini energy, but those techniques in themselves aren’t enough if the aspirant doesn’t actively work toward changing his attitude and his consciousness. Many have spent decades in studying pranayama and yoga, and still haven’t awakened. The necessary ingredient for every awakening, the easiest, as well as the hardest path is – surrendering yourself to whatever comes. When you bring yourself to the state of the complete relaxation of the body, followed by calm breathing and the silencing of the mind, when you begin to feel every heartbeat, every sound breaking the silence, when you silence and calm yourself, completely surrendering yourself to god, without want but to become one with him, when you realize you are ready to die, you are ready to awaken… The Kundalini awakens when we achieve complete surrender, when we give up everything and give ourselves to god’s grace. You must give up everything so you can gain everything.
When we consider the energy included in the process, the whole thing looks a bit different. Energy, of both male and female polarity, passes through our body, travelling through our energy channels – nadias, creating our energy field. The female energy, corresponding to the left, and the male energy corresponding to the right side of our bodies, is unbalanced in most people – either one of them being the dominant one. The Kundalini energy awakens when we achieve a perfect balance of those energies in our body – the balance between strength and frailty, emotions and rationality, gentleness and roughness… Kundalini is the reward for our balance.
The symptoms of Kundalini awakening can be very different. Most frequently cited is the feeling of energy coursing through the body, then the involuntary body movements (kriyas), the feeling of electrical impulses moving through the body, warmth or coldness (especially in the spinal region), numbness in the arms and legs, the sensation as if ants were walking all over you, sounds of high frequency, buzzing, flutes and the like, sudden emotional and mood changes, strokes of creativity, visions… The symptoms are many and they, besides the common ones, can be completely individual. There are no two persons in the world with the same experience of awakening. Seven and a half billion people, seven and a half billion ways for them to awaken. That in itself speaks in favor of the specialness and uniqueness, the specific role of every living individual.
When you go through Kundalini awakening, it seems nothing much has changed. All of a sudden you feel differently, you are more fulfilled, you ask yourself how did you manage to live without it. You begin to realize the world as it truly is – woven out of energy and vibrations, you begin to live more deeply through every moment that life has in store for you, you are now aware that the world isn’t just this physical body. Your dreams become more alive, deeper, with much more meaning. You begin to see yourself with new eyes, you are aware that you can be found behind the exterior of flesh and bones, you realize that your true self is actually behind the incessant thoughts that constantly cloud your mind – because, you are the one who thinks. You realize that you are behind your emotions, because you are the one who feels them. Coming to a realization that you are not a part of your body, but that your body is a part of you, you become the master of your own destiny. You are awake and aware that the world is not as it seems, and you, like a child, begin to learn the art of living from the very start.
The awakening of Kundalini energy in the first chakra is in no way the end, but just the beginning of the road to true awakening, the path to restructuring your DNA, the way to expanding your consciousness and realizing your true potential, the road to clearing your karma, the path to enlightenment.
A man becomes enlightened when he raises his Kundalini energy from the pelvis all the way to the crown, to the seventh and last of the body chakras.
Anyone capable of surrendering himself entirely is capable of leading himself to awakening. The reason why we aren’t all awake is that surrendering yourself, although it sounds easy and simple like breathing, isn’t easy at all. It should be, but it isn’t. Our brain doesn’t allow things to be easy. It feels familiar only with the things that it knows, it processes information, analyzes the well-known things, spins in circles what it has already learned. When our brain gets in contact with unknown depths, it turns on it’s defense mechanisms, so that it wouldn’t lose control. Then, you should calm it, silence it, slow it down. Faith is of the essence if you want to succeed. The stronger your faith, the simpler and easier your release will be. And when I say “faith”, in no way do I mean “religion”. I am aiming at your trust in a higher force, a greater plan, the trust in your own life’s mission.
The awakening of Kundalini energy, raising it to the crown chakra and achieving enlightenment will by no means be easy. It will be a battle with yourself, with your own picture of yourself and the world, with your own expectations, wants, beliefs and attitudes. You will be setting down the road of revising yourself, where nothing will remain buried and hidden. Every fear will rise to the surface, so it can be analyzed, comprehended and transcended, every expectation will scatter just like a bubble of soap.
Everything within you dies, and you die with it. Layers are shed, they melt and your weaknesses are exposed, your “sins” come out so they can torment you once again, so you can achieve growth through pain. Every dark corner of your being will be illuminated, every darkness shall see the light of day. The Kundalini awakening isn’t a road for cowards. It is much easier to live with the imagined picture of oneself than to confront your own reflection in the mirror. No, the path to awakening is by no means a coward’s road. The path to awakening is the path for those courageous, old souls, capable of facing all of life’s depths, those souls that are prepared to face themselves and allow themselves to lose. Yes, that’s it – lose. When you are fighting you are strengthening the very thing you are fighting against. When the resistance is gone, the fight is gone as well. You will lose and gain more than you could have ever dreamed of.
I don’t want to tell you here about the gifts you can gain on your road to awakening, about all those gifts which were throughought history ascribed to enlightened individuals, I don’t want to because those gifts are not your goal, but just the rewards for the perseverance on the aforementioned road to awakening. The person who sees the gifts as the purpose will never be able to come to the end of the road, will never be able to merge with the light and love from which we all came from. The gifts are the means to help you fulfill your life’s purpose in the best possible way, they are there to help and guide you. You shouldn’t exploit them nor use them to upgrade your ego. You shall receive those gifts before you face the point where your ego and your individuality dissolve, and they will be one of the great temptations on your path. The person who sees the gifts as their goal shall never go beyond them, because… can we go further after achieving our own goals?
Forget about goals and aims, forget about tying your sense of pleasure to achieving those goals and aims. You aren’t capable of imagining everything that the universe may have in store for you, so you shouldn’t thwart the infinite wisdom of god by installing your own earthly, human goals. By doing that, you are limiting yourself, your growth and development, while the Kundalini needs freedom to express herself to her full potential. She has her own will and her own intelligence, she posses all the knowledge she needs to grow, she is a destructive and a creative force, destroying everything that was while creating new and true values to replace the old ones. Kundalini will heal your body, and then your spirit.
Once awakened, the Kundalini energy can fall back to sleep if you don’t surrender to her, thus thwarting her growth. She can awaken and fall back into sleep for many times in a lifetime, until you pass the critical point, your heart chakra. After that, the Kundalini energy never sinks back to sleep. Once you let Kundalini into your heart, you are free from having to be born again on our wonderful planet, free from another cycle of human life, because you have learned enough to proceed further, you are able to successfully confront every lesson earthly life can offer you and now you are free to reincarnate in the higher, spiritual realms, but also to choose to return to Earth again, to help it in it’s evolutionary progress by lifting the global vibration of the planet.
Earth is a school for the soul. Everything we live through, from birth right until our physical death, are experiences necessary for the evolution of our soul. Life always gives us only the things that we need, that are always in our best interest, although it is sometimes hard to accept. Life gives us lessons which we repeat until we finally master them, so we can go further. The lesson repeats itself again and again, sometimes being very subtle in the beginning, just an indication, but in time, if you don’t realize and master it, it becomes harder and harder, right up until the point life starts giving you hard blows meant to help you awake and bring you back on the right path. Thus, life is very simple, just like education – he who doesn’t pass will return to studying the same lesson, and he who does pass can proceed further. Your wishes don’t matter, neither do your expectations, plans or what others think of them. What matters is fulfilling your purpose, and since we are not aware what it really is, the only way is to surrender to it and let it guide us. Kundalini Shakti is our guide, our teacher, our guru. She is our connection with higher knowledge and purpose, our way to the fulfillment of our own destiny.
Osho once said that by the awakening of Kundalini energy a man doesn’t get anything more than the knowledge of how to live, how to love and how to die. All the wisdom of living a fulfilled, quality and happy life is contained within that knowledge. Life is beautiful, you just need to know how to live it.
I challenge all you courageous souls, discontent with the world we live in, all you unadjusted and all of you who feel that life isn’t just what our five senses perceive, I challenge you to look within your own pupils, to make contact with your soul, to do battle with yourselves and…lose, so you can rise like a phoenix form the ashes of your own masks, blockades and fears, and reach unfathomable heights…

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